Miles Mikolas Discusses His Catcher’s Amazing Play

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For the first time since June 2017, the St. Louis Cardinals entered their series finale against the San Francisco Giants on Thursday having dropped to seven games under.500 after dropping three straight games.

However, Miles Mikolas excelled when the team required a strong start from a pitcher.

Up until the seventh inning, there had been no scores in the game. However, the Cardinals’ bats came to life, and they went on to win 6-0.

When San Francisco loaded the bases in the bottom of the fifth, things started to get interesting.

Catcher Andrew Knizner had to move quickly to grab David Villar at the plate on a tapper in front of the plate, but he made an unbelievable play to just save the run from scoring.

Mikolas remarked on Knizner’s attentiveness during the play after the game.

Before Knizner got his hands on the ball, according to Mikolas, he was actually going to field it.

The right-hander jokingly stated the obvious, that he could have flipped the ball to him for the out if Knizner had stayed put and let him field it.

Mikolas wasn’t complaining, though, and he was undoubtedly pleased with Knizner for acting quickly and on instinct to capture Villar at home.

Villar’s foot hit the plate just as Knizner’s glove touched it after he dove to reach it.

The second-best athlete on the field after pitchers, according to Mikolas, is the catcher, and Knizner did a great job of reading the play and making a great play to keep the game tied.

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