Colin Cowherd Makes His Thoughts Clear About NFL’s ‘Best Team’

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TheNFLDraft is now officially over.

Many great players finally found their NFL homes over the course of the fantastic weekend.

Every team should be able to strengthen their roster throughout the draft.

The best approach to thrive in the NFL and create a championship squad is to draft quality players.

Every team is vying to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the defending Super Bowl champions, this offseason.

According to Colin Cowherd, the Chiefs are still the top NFL team after the draft.

The Eagles, the current NFC Champions, are still the Chiefs’ strongest rival in Cowherd’s opinion.

With their two first-round picks, the Eagles selected two Georgia defensive players who should contribute right away.

They made improvements to their defense this offseason after having trouble stopping the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

But until someone proves they can beat the Chiefs, they will remain the team to beat.

During the draft, Kansas City made improvements on both sides of the ball.

They picked up a defensive end and a wide receiver with their first two picks.

The top threat to emerge from the AFC should once more be Kansas City.

But it won’t be an easy road for them.

Rematches of the Super Bowl are uncommon.

Therefore, it stands to reason that at least one of these teams won’t be participating in the Super Bowl again.

Over the course of an NFL season, a lot can happen, so it will be intriguing to observe which clubs advance the most.

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