Nuggets Star Has A Message For His Doubters

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On Saturday night, the Denver Nuggets defeated the Phoenix Suns in a decisive victory.

It looked like Game 1 of their second-round series would be close, but the Nuggets swiftly took control and never looked back.

Although Jamal Murray had a strong performance, so did those by Nikola Jokic, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Porter Jr.

With 34 points, the gifted point guard made it plain that he was back.

In reference to his bizarre time spent in the Orlando bubble, he was questioned whether he was bubble Murray or healthy Murray after the game.

Murray didn’t think twice and gave his critics a clear message.

I say it s healthy Murray, Murray said. I don t how many times I gotta prove myself for y all to believe in my game or believe in what I do or my health or whatever it is. I can only just keep doing it and keep training and prove everybody wrong. We re going to keep improving, try to get this Game 2 on Monday (and) prove the doubters wrong, that s it.

For the Nuggets, who require their second-best player to be available, this is excellent news.

They have a great chance to win it all in the 2023 NBA Playoffs, so the Suns and the rest of the West will be in major trouble if Murray gets hot now.

Chris Paul received a message from him after Paul body-checked him on a fastbreak, calling him out.

Since these two teams have been at odds since 2021, the remaining games in this series could become more interesting.

The Nuggets will want to demonstrate that this victory wasn’t an aberration after their first victory of the series.

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