Fans React To What Panthers GM Said About Bryce Young’s Playing Time

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In order to draft Alabama quarterback Bryce Young with the first overall pick, the Carolina Panthers made a significant exchange.

He was deserving of being selected first and might become a star for Carolina.

However, the Panthers must set him up for success.

That entails providing him with capable receivers for his passes as well as a potent offensive line to shield him.

The Panthers would be wise to get Young on the field as soon as possible.

Pro Football Talk claims that the Panthers have no timetable for using their top choice.

It is absurd that the Panthers selected him first overall and did not use him.

Andy Dalton, a seasoned player on their roster, shouldn’t take the place of Young.

Dalton can assist Young in learning the ropes because he is an experienced starter.

Young learning behind Dalton may not be the greatest choice for Carolina, according to some NFL fans.

Everyone anticipates that Young will be the Panthers’ starting quarterback.

Furthermore, it seems unlikely that Dalton will give them the best chance to triumph.

The Panthers have been anticipating Young the most since selecting Cam Newton first overall in 2011.

It would be difficult to assume that Young will not succeed in landing this position once we get through the offseason practices and training camp.

The quarterback of the future belongs to Carolina, and the best place for him to learn is on the field.

Panthers GM Comments On When Bryce Young Will Play

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