Fans React To Lakers’ Reported Decision About Championship Rings

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After starting the season with a record of 2-10, the Los Angeles Lakers are now talking about titles and parades.

Russell Westbrook stated in a recent episode of Patrick Beverley’s podcast that he anticipated having a championship ring if the Lakers win the NBA Finals this season, and Pat Bev expressed a similar sentiment.

Of course, that elicited a wide range of opinions and responses on social media, primarily ridicule and skepticism.

Chris Haynes, however, reports that the Lakers have decided to award championship rings to everyone player that played on their roster this season, which undoubtedly includes Westbrook and Beverley.

It goes without saying that Twitter was flooded with comments from fans.

Actually, Beverly and Westbrook were never very beloved by Los Angeles audiences.

When they left the team, they received numerous claps and a lot of finger-pointing from the supporters.

Additionally, the Lakers were a bottom-feeding club and had a lot of problems when they were on it, to the point where Westbrook may have been referred to as a vampire.

The Lakers went to considerable measures to remove them from their locker room, so it seems unlikely that they would award them a title ring. However, kudos to them for maintaining their composure and continuing to show some respect for the players that donned the Purple and Gold uniform this season.

But before even contemplating it, they still need to win nine more games.

The job is not done, as the late, great Kobe Bryant observed.

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