MLB Historian Weighs In On Recent Cardinals Situation

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Most people in the sports world are now aware of the recent controversy within the St. Louis Cardinals organization.

Willson Contreras, a catcher, was taken out of the starting lineup and is now only utilized as a designated hitter.

The baseball world’s media outlets criticized this news when it was announced.

It also helped Contreras build a strong relationship with the Cardinals’ fan base, as many of them expressed support for their new catcher.

Bill James, an expert on MLB history, offered his opinion on the matter on Twitter and suggested what the Cardinals ought to do in light of the situation’s public disclosure.

James asserted that in the end, the Cardinals should inform their pitchers that it was a mistake to inquire about Contreras’ ideas and reiterate that the 30-year-old veteran is this team’s future catcher.

In addition, he urged the team to quit exploiting the experienced catcher as their convenient fall guy.

The matter has gotten out of hand, and even if the Cardinals have won three straight games and may be turning the cycle, the choice to publicly criticize Contreras reflects poorly on a team that for years has taken pride in maintaining open lines of communication with its players.

That is not how the scenario has played out.

However, the organization will not be able to escape the ongoing criticism from both fans and the media.

Making Contreras the victim simply made the situation worse.

However, the manner the seasoned catcher handled the predicament won over the Cardinals fan base.

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