NFL Announces Interesting New Year’s Eve Matchup

(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

There are numerous rivalries in the NFL, both between conferences and between divisions.

The entire city was reenergized when Joe Burrow was selected as the Cincinnati Bengals’ starting quarterback.

Burrow has not only given the Bengals life, but he has also assisted them in forging a fierce rivalry with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Burrow and Patrick Mahomes frequently engage in intense competition.

The NFL has rewarded fans with a tantalizing clash, featuring both teams in a New Year’s Eve game this season, as the league releases its schedule.

Mahomes and the Chiefs had never defeated Burrow and the Bengals prior to the 2017 postseason.

The Chiefs failed to defeat Burrow despite having a strong record against the rest of the conference.

The Chiefs were able to secure that victory in the AFC Championship, which helped them go to the Super Bowl, which is fortunate for Mahomes and the Chiefs fan base.

The Chiefs won the championship game, adding another Lombardi Trophy to their collection, and the rest is history.

What will happen this season between the two teams?

In order to compete at their best in the AFC, Burrow and the Bengals have continued to fine-tune their roster by adding essential pieces.

The Chiefs have strengthened their roster after winning the Super Bowl, guaranteeing they can maintain their position at the top.

Fans can already mark this game on their calendars even though the season isn’t scheduled to start for another few months.

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