Eugenio Suarez Showed Off A Unique Skill On Saturday

(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

At Comerica Park on Saturday, the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers faced battle.

Something extremely intriguing happened during the game.

In the top of the second inning, Eugenio Suarez was standing at the plate for the Mariners and taking swings at his former team.

Suarez was struck in the left arm by an outside pitch from Tigers starting pitcher Alex Faedo, who then rose to his feet.

Then Suarez booted it upward before tossing it aside.

Suarez is accustomed to dealing with situations like this.

MLB Cut4 shared a collection of videos of Suarez showcasing his footwork on Twitter.

Baseball isn’t always a sport where flashy footwork is required.

But it was in this instance.

On Saturday, Suarez displayed a special talent when he was able to kick the ball into his hand before tossing it away.

Suarez’s demonstration of footwork at Comerica Park on Saturday was undoubtedly spectacular.

But this is not the first time he has been successful in doing so.

Suarez may even approach it naturally.

He was able to demonstrate some excellent reflexes while doing so.

The hitter is making contact.218 to begin the season and was hitless against the Tigers on Saturday.

That didn’t diminish, though, from the outstanding footwork and reflexes he was able to display in the second inning.

Baseball is unquestionably a unique sport, and Saturday’s game between the Mariners and Tigers provided Suarez with an exceptional opportunity to perform with his feet.

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