Jayson Tatum Makes A Clear Statement About Himself After Game 6 Win

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Jayson Tatum, one of the league’s brightest young stars, plays for the Boston Celtics.

As good as he is, he has yet occasionally fallen short during his career’s playoff appearances, most notably during the first three periods of Game 6 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tatum took charge in the game’s closing 12 minutes to give his side the victory and force a rematch at home in Game 7. After the game, he expressed satisfaction with his performance.

He didn’t think twice about calling himself one of the world’s finest players because of this, and he’s absolutely right.

Tatum has been putting up MVP-caliber numbers for three years running, and he continues to get better in most areas of his game.

His ball handling and playmaking have improved marginally, and he is a better defender than most give him credit for.

There is no doubting that the Celtics are building around him and his talents since, despite being in the game for a while, he is still fairly young.

His abilities have never been questioned, and his lack of consistency at this point in the season is the only thing keeping him from being regarded as a superstar.

The Celtics are fortunate to have Jaylen Brown as a top-tier 1B option, but they would be virtually unbeatable if they also had Jayson Tatum available for every postseason game.

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