Analyst Shares Latest A’s Las Vegas Update

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It is not anticipated that the Oakland Athletics will stay there for very long.

The city just lost the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, and it is now anticipated that the A’s would follow suit.

However, there appear to be some problems with the projected A’s relocation to Las Vegas.

Damon Amendolara claims that the A’s do not have a plan for a new stadium and that government funding is decreasing.

The $395 million the club is requesting from the Nevada legislature to build the new stadium is not being offered in full.

The A’s want to rob taxpayers of as much money as they can.

However, the decline in public funds is not encouraging.

Not only does Major League Baseball require a move, but also the A’s.

The A’s have no spectators at the moment in Oakland.

They consistently have the lowest attendance in the league.

Unbelievably, the A’s are drawing an average crowd of 8,695 spectators per game.

You would see that amount in the minor leagues.

Additionally, they have one of the poorest stadiums and amenities in MLB.

As the team’s owner, John Fisher has been under fire from numerous supporters who want him to sell the team.

The current A’s are a horrible mix of on- and off-field performers.

The league must move the A’s because a new city and stadium will energize the franchise.

What the MLB can do to intervene and assist with this move will be interesting to observe.

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