Jets Defender Makes A Guarantee About His Season Sack Total

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At this point in the NFL offseason, it may be safe to say that theNew York Jetsare the most intriguing team in the league heading into the 2023 campaign, with superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers making the team the talk of the town.

Even though the team had made some waves last season with the emergence of players like Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner, the addition of Rodgers has shot them to the top of the headlines in the NFL, and it seems that some players are taking advantage of that fact.

One player in New York that seems to be soaking up the spotlight with the added attention to the franchise this year is defensive end Carl Lawson, who made a bold claim about what he ll be able to accomplish in the sack department during the 2023 season via SNY Jets.

Lawson didn t hesitate to say that his goal is getting double-digit sacks during the upcoming season and that it will happen.

This is a bold comment and statement from a player that hasn t made the Pro Bowl nor been mentioned among the best pass rushers in the league today.

However, Lawson did record 7.0 sacks last season, which is the closest he s come to double-digits in that category since his rookie season when he had 8.5 sacks.

In the last three seasons, Lawson has racked up 5.0 sacks or more every year, which means he s been relatively productive in the area, but not exactly dominant as he ll need to be in order to see 10.0 or more.

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