Analyst Names 1 Surprising Team That Russell Westbrook Should Sign With

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It is not entirely clear what is next for Russell Westbrook, who wrapped up the season with theLos Angeles Clippers.

The last few years have been very dramatic for the star player.

He moved to the Los Angeles Lakers, never quite fit in there, but found new life with the Clippers.

But he could part ways with that team in free agency, even though he s only been there for a few months.

If he does, where should he go?

Tim Hardaway Sr. has an idea.

Speaking on The Carton Show Friday morning, the analyst mentioned the Phoenix Suns as a possible landing spot for Westbrook.

Hardaway said that Westbrook only really cares about playing hard and winning games and he would be able to do both if he packed his bags and headed to Phoenix.

What are the chances of this really happening?

In all honesty, they are quite slim.

The Suns are already quite stacked with a wild cast of talented and expensive characters, such as Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and now Bradley Beal.

If Westbrook did choose to move to the Suns, he would have to do so on a veteran s minimum salary, which doesn t seem likely.

Plus, would the rotation even really have a place for Westbrook?

He would certainly have to become a bench player again.

After finally reclaiming his spot as a starter, why would Westbrook agree to such a demotion?

Most fans agree that Westbrook has found his footing with the Clippers: he is again playing with passion and smarts.

Although their postseason was a mess, Westbrook was a bright spot for the Clippers.

All signs point to him remaining in LA.

But even if he leaves, he probably wouldn t move to the Suns.

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