The Pistons Are Reportedly Seeking High Draft Picks For Key Veteran

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Before last season s NBA trade deadline, it seemed like every team in the league was trying to land Bojan Bogdanovic of theDetroit Pistons.

But the Pistons weren t going to give him away for just anything and they shot down all offers.

Now we are hearing rumors about Bogdanovic yet again.

According to Matt Moore, via NBACentral, the Pistons are seeking one first-round pick and multiple second-round picks for Bogdanovic right now.

This is an interesting development because a few months ago it appeared as if the Pistons would hold on dearly to Bogdanovic.

He had an incredible 2022-23, averaging 21.6 points on 48.8% from the field and 41.1% from beyond the three-point line.

He was a bright spot during a very troubled year for the Pistons.

The team repeatedly said that they envisioned Bogdanovic as part of their future.

So it s a little surprising to see them flirt with the idea of letting him go.

However, they are still asking for a lot so it s not evident if any other team will have all that Detroit demands.

The Pistons were the worst team in the NBA last season which means they have nothing to lose here.

They either get a huge haul in place of Bogdanovic or they keep him on their side and let him help their young core get better.

Some people have wondered if the front office in Detroit was going to break the team down, trade away a bunch of players, and attempt to bring in a few big stars.

Would parting ways with Bogdanovic be the start of that plan?

The Pistons Are Retaining A Key Veteran This Summer

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