Chris Broussard Has A Message For The Knicks Amid Latest Trade Rumor

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There have already been some big changes throughout theNBAsince the start of free agency a few days ago.

As the summer goes on, rumors about certain stars bouncing around will continue.

Lately, there has been some speculation that perhaps Joel Embiid wants to leave his Philadelphia 76ers for another team, possibly the New York Knicks.

Chris Broussard is tired of this type of rumor and quickly shot it down on Wednesday.

For me, this is just typical Knicks, he said on Wednesday s First Things First.

He added: Stop thinking every star free agent wants to play for the Knicks, because they don t!

Broussard said that the Knicks have done this again and again throughout their history.

Instead of organically building their own squad from scratch, they have wanted to steal away star players from other teams.

But Broussard wants to remind the team that the biggest names in the game simply do not want to play for the Knicks at the moment.

There is no real evidence that the Knicks have been aiming to land Embiid, although they would certainly be open to the idea of him coming to New York.

Then again, which teamwouldn twant Embiid, the reigning MVP and one of the best basketball players alive?

If Embiid really did wish to leave Philadelphia and was truly considering a move to the Knicks, the team would be silly to not pursue him.

Even if these Embiid rumors are complete junk, the Knicks still have a strong core at the center of the franchise.

They are getting better and they are doing so naturally, just as Broussard has urged.

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