Former Nuggets Player Reveals Nikola Jokic’s True Feelings During Lakers Series

The Denver Nuggets’ Dominant Playoff Run

The Denver Nuggets entered the NBA playoffs as the number-one seed in the Western Conference, but nobody seemed to believe they could go all the way. Nonetheless, they went on to prove their doubters wrong, as they never faced elimination in the playoffs and eventually became the first-ever NBA Champions.

A Personal Series for the Nuggets

The Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers meant a little more for the Nuggets. Former Nugget Bruce Brown recently spoke about the playoff run on the “Run Your Race” podcast, saying that the series was “personal” for the team. He also mentioned that Nikola Jokic was not playing around during the series. Ultimately, the Nuggets were able to sweep the Lakers and complete their dominant season against Western Conference opponents.


The Denver Nuggets’ playoff run was one for the books. Despite the lack of faith from many, the Nuggets were able to overcome every obstacle and become the first-ever NBA Champions. They showed that they were not to be taken lightly, and their performance against the Lakers was a testament to that.

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