Kendrick Perkins Has Optimistic Prediction For Draymond Green And Chris Paul

A Surprising Trade

The Golden State Warriors recently made a stunning move to acquire Chris Paul from the Washington Wizards in exchange for Jordan Poole. Before the trade, there was a lot of tension between Paul and the Warriors’ star players, particularly Draymond Green and Stephen Curry.

Will It Work?

Given the issues between Paul and the Warriors’ stars, many have questioned whether it will work out. As we have seen with Green and Poole, feuds can last for quite a while and can even end up in a trade, even if the two sides still have a grudge. However, Paul is in a different situation as he is more experienced and is focused on one goal: winning a championship, which is in line with the Warriors’ stars.

Kendrick Perkins’ Opinion

Kendrick Perkins of ESPN commented on the feud between Paul and the Warriors’ stars. He believes that the veteran point guard will be a great addition to the team and can help the Warriors win a championship.


The Warriors’ trade for Chris Paul has raised a lot of questions. However, the veteran point guard is more mature and has one goal in mind: to win a championship. With this in line with the Warriors’ stars, it is likely that the trade will work out.

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