Cole Beasley Comments On His New Opportunity In New York

New York Giants Spark Reaction After Signing Veteran Wide Receiver Cole Beasley

The New York Giants had an impressive season last year, with new head coach Brian Daboll winning the NFL Coach of the Year award. This success has led to an influx of veteran players looking to compete for a title in the twilight of their careers, and the Giants have taken advantage of this by signing wide receiver Cole Beasley to a one-year contract.

Beasley’s Agreement with Giants Causes Stir

The news of Beasley’s signing caused a stir among the Giants’ players, with up-and-coming wideout Isaiah Hodgins reacting to the news. It didn’t take long for Beasley to respond to his new teammate on Twitter, who is looking forward to the chance to learn from the veteran receiver.

Giants Looking to Make Further Improvements

The signing of Beasley is just one of the many moves the Giants have made this offseason in an effort to improve their team and make a run at the playoffs. With the addition of Beasley, the Giants now have a veteran receiver who has the experience and knowledge to mentor the younger players on the team.


The New York Giants have made it clear that they are serious about competing for a championship this year. With the signing of veteran wide receiver Cole Beasley, the team has added a player who can make an immediate impact on the field and provide valuable guidance to their younger players. It will be interesting to see how the Giants use Beasley and the other new additions to their team this season.

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