Knicks Reportedly Inquired About Potential Trade For Bulls Star

The New York Knicks: Ready to Make a Splash in the Eastern Conference

The New York Knicks are coming off a season that saw them exceed all expectations and pull off a stunning upset in the NBA playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round. With the addition of Jalen Brunson, the Knicks have a new star in the mix and one of the best signings in the team’s history.

Jalen Brunson: A Knicks Legend in the Making

Jalen Brunson has been instrumental in helping the Knicks reach another level, and he could become a Knicks legend in the future. While the team is still a few pieces away from being a legitimate title contender in the Eastern Conference, they have been looking for ways to improve this summer.

Exploring Options with the Chicago Bulls

One of the options the Knicks explored this summer was whether the Chicago Bulls were willing to make a trade with them. The Knicks are hoping to acquire a player or two that could help them take the next step and become a title contender in the Eastern Conference.


The New York Knicks have been making moves this summer in order to become a legitimate title contender in the Eastern Conference. With the addition of Jalen Brunson and exploring options with the Chicago Bulls, the Knicks are looking to make a splash in the Eastern Conference and compete for a championship.

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