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Offseason Roller Coaster Ride for Baltimore Ravens

The NFL offseason has been an eventful one for the Baltimore Ravens, with plenty of highs and lows. At one point it seemed as though the team was on the brink of disaster.

Future of Lamar Jackson in Doubt

The biggest concern for the Ravens was the future of their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson. He was adamant about getting a fully guaranteed contract, or he would not sign it and asked to be traded.

Ravens and Jackson Reach Agreement

Fortunately, the team and Jackson were able to come to an agreement on a new deal, which secured his long-term future and made the Ravens a competitive team.

Ravens Make Moves While Waiting for Deal

While waiting to get a deal done with Jackson, the Ravens didn’t just sit back and do nothing. They made some solid moves, like signing a star wide receiver.


The Baltimore Ravens have had an up-and-down offseason, but they were able to secure the future of their star quarterback and make some moves to stay competitive.

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