Analysts Set Clear Expectations For Celtics After Jaylen Brown Extension

Boston Celtics Realize Need for Change

The Boston Celtics’ defeat to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals was a wake-up call that this team needed to make some changes to become a true championship contender. Though their valiant effort to force a Game 7 was impressive, the Celtics ultimately fell short, leaving many to ponder if their current roster was enough to get them over the top.

Celtics Take Action in Offseason

As soon as the NBA offseason started for Boston, they took rapid action to make the necessary alterations. They pulled off a trade to acquire star forward Kristaps Porzingis from the Washington Wizards, and also chose to part ways with Marcus Smart in the process. Not long after, they sent Grant Williams to the Dallas Mavericks.


The Celtics’ loss to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals was a reminder that the team needed to make some changes if they wanted to become a legitimate title contender. They wasted no time in the offseason, executing a trade to acquire Kristaps Porzingis and also parting ways with Marcus Smart and Grant Williams.

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