Former Teammate Explains The Differences Between Jordan And LeBron

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets
(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Brendan Haywood is one of the few NBA players who has played alongside both Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

As a result, he has a distinct viewpoint on what the two icons share and how they differ.

Haywood discussed their similarities and contrasts with Fubo Sports.

Despite the fact that they both want to succeed, Haywood admits that James will be more polite and politically correct when working with others.

Jordan, on the other hand, will tell you exactly what he thinks without any sugarcoating.

Haywood relayed the story of arriving at the gym about 10 a.m., eager to begin some conditioning and practice.

Jordan had beaten him there by more than three hours.

Jordan was 40 years old and nearing the conclusion of his career at this point of his career.

Despite this, he was always the first person at the gym, no matter how late he had slept.

He also maintained a competitive edge and did not offer mushy pep talks to his players, instead showing them what he wanted and demanding a lot.

Jordan was serving as the Washington Wizards’ general manager at the time, according to Haywood.

Haywood stated that when something goes wrong on a team, James is more inclined to massage the situation.

His method is gentler, yet it appears to be just as effective.

Despite their differences, Haywood believes Jordan and James are both top-tier players.

Because of this, as well as his friendship with both, he will not express an opinion on who is the best of all time.

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