The MLB Playoffs Will Feature A Rare Absence In 2023

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We’ve grown accustomed to seeing a few clubs in the MLB Playoffs.

The Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers are supposed to be playing for a World Series every year.

However, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are comparable.

The latter have fan groups that expect them to win and are two of baseball’s most well-known brands.

However, this year’s fan bases of those two will return home empty-handed.

The Athletic reports that the Red Sox and Yankees won’t be participating in the MLB playoffs for just the second time since 1995.

Of the two clubs, the Yankees are the more disappointing.

It was widely anticipated that they would compete in the World Series this year.

But the Yankees are performing much below expectations due to injuries and subpar play from a few key players.

The Yankees collapsed, despite Gerrit Cole being the overwhelming favorite to win the AL Cy Young award.

Their pitching, apart from Cole, has been subpar.

Carlos Rodon’s arrival has been disastrous, as he has made 13 starts and has a 5.74 season ERA.

The fact that Aaron Judge has only participated in 101 games this season does not help the situation either.

A lot of things need to go right in order to win a World Series.

Nothing in New York seemed to go right, except for Cole.

After a few disappointing seasons, the Red Sox are still working to reassemble their team.

It was therefore not shocking that they did not make the playoffs.

When these two AL East rivals are playing well, baseball is better.

Next season, both clubs ought to be improved.

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