3 NFL Teams ‘Desperately’ Tried To Trade Up Late In Round 1

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Finding future stars and franchise cornerstones is the main goal of TheNFLDraft.

Every year, we witness a few highly talented players decline far more than predicted.

This year is no exception.

A few teams last night were interested in trading back up into the round at the conclusion of the first round.

The Titans, Falcons, and Raiders reportedly wanted to trade back up into the first round, according to Pro Football Talk.

Will Levis of Kentucky, a quarterback, is one guy in whom you can assume they were interested.

All three of those clubs need a quarterback, and he slid much farther than anyone had anticipated.

They should strive to go up into the first round, which makes sense.

On their rookie contract, each player selected in the first round will have a fifth-year option.

For this reason, teams hoping to choose a quarterback prefer to take one late in the first round.

So that they can retain power for an additional year, if needed.

Levis is still shown on the board despite the fact that none of those teams were able to advance.

Numerous teams will compete to try and trade up in the second round, you can bet on that.

Levis, the top quarterback available, will most likely be selected within the first five or so picks.

On Friday night, rounds two and three will include a lot of action.

It will be interesting to see what each team is able to collect.

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