J.J. Watt Disputes Latest Rumor About His Future

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After a 12-year career, J.J. Watt announced his retirement from the NFL in 2022.

Watt, who was among the league’s finest defensive players, has now departed on his own terms.

While many have pondered Watt’s plans for retirement, the First Take cast recently praised him and offered their congratulations on a new role.

Watt answered with astonishment when complimented on appearing as a co-host on the Pat McAfee Show.

I’m open to discussions, he added, but, at least so far, nothing like that has occurred.

The show usually features former NFL player A.J. Hawk, and Watt has also made a few appearances.

Watt doesn’t currently have any plans to contribute frequently to the show, and it’s unclear what he’ll do after he retires.

As many other NFL stars do after they retire, Watt has openly said that he wants to keep getting better at golf.

Watt will probably be a member of the Hall of Fame in a few years after being a mainstay of both the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals.

The Watts family is one of the most productive in recent memory in the NFL, with two of his brothers still playing in the game.

While J.J. uses his talents elsewhere, the legacy of Watt continues in the league.

Is broadcasting on television or in another capacity in his future?

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