Mike Greenberg Says 1 Factor Could Be Affecting The Knicks In Playoffs

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The Miami Heat had no counterpunch for the New York Knicks.

Even with Jimmy Butler sitting out one game, some would argue that multiple questionable rulings in Game 2 shouldn’t have gone in their favor, thus there’s a good chance this series might have been over in just four games.

In addition, the Knicks appeared worn out after their two-game journey to South Florida.

As absurd as it may seem, ESPN’s Mike Greenberg said that it might be related to the weather.

The transition from the bitter cold of New York City to the sweltering heat of Miami, according to Greenberg, could lead athletes to become exhausted.

Although he emphasized that basketball is obviously an indoor activity, Greenberg acknowledged that this is always a factor in football.

This would be one of the most absurd things to think about among all the possible explanations.

Rival teams and pundits frequently claim that Miami’s nightlife gives their side a little advantage because tourists there rarely resist the urge to party and are frequently drawn to the city’s streets instead.

Due to the thin air from the elevation, playing in Denver also offers the home team a slight advantage, although this isn’t the case here. This advantage is most noticeable in the second half of a game or at the end of back-to-backs.

At both ends of the court, the Heat have been the superior team.

That’s all there is to it; they have a great opportunity to defeat them on Wednesday night because they have improved their efforts and wanted it more.

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