Potential Orlando MLB Team Releases Must-See Renderings

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Pat Williams was the driving force behind the investment group that established the NBA club Orlando Magic in the late 1980s, which is still active today.

The former NBA executive has now stated his desire for the city to have an MLB baseball team.

A brand-new $1.7 billion ballpark would be part of this ambitious plan.

At some point, designs of the Orlando ballpark that would be their name if they were approved into the league were unveiled.

It appears to be aesthetically beautiful, we must admit.

It’s unquestionably a noteworthy project.

Although there are already many cities with concrete pitches, the league hopes to have 32 teams (it presently has 30).

In other words, there is fierce competition for the limited number of positions.

The A’s franchise has already been acquired by Las Vegas (although certain specifics are still being worked out), and it’s uncertain whether or not the Rays will stay in Tampa long-term.

Orlando must still contend with the Salt Lake City concrete project as well as the Nashville Stars concept.

There have been rumors that an MLB team could move to other cities like Charlotte or New Orleans.

The league wants to grow and has several possibilities available, that much is all we currently know.

Orlando is proposing a viable project, but it is unclear whether MLB would desire a third franchise in Florida given that the two teams already there consistently have among the lowest attendance rates.

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