Analyst Makes A Prediction About Next 76ers Head Coach

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The Philadelphia 76ers didn’t think twice to fire Doc Rivers following another disappointing postseason run.

They failed to go past the second round for the third straight year, and under Rivers, the roster had been fully utilized.

There is now a list of intriguing potential leaders for The Process.

Although he is certain they will hire Mike D Antoni, NBA expert Craig Carton thinks people shouldn’t even try making assumptions or forecasts.

Notably, it makes sense for the Sixers to entrust their initiative to the seasoned offensive specialist.

He is tight with James Harden, and he is acquainted with Daryl Morey from their time together with the Houston Rockets.

The Sixers might take a positive move by hiring Harden’s old coach from his best seasons if they want to keep him adjacent to Joel Embiid as he has publicly demanded.

In Harden’s heyday, D Antoni was one win away from the NBA Finals and is a true coach with a ton of postseason experience. He is also one of the best offensive specialists in Association history.

The Sixers might potentially make the unusual and deserving decisions of hiring Nick Nurse, Monty Williams, Mike Budenholzer, or even Sam Cassell.

However, under Rivers, their offense became often predictable and boring, and D Antoni could also assist Tyrese Maxey in realizing his full potential and progressing further.

However, perhaps leaving Tobias Harris’ horrible contract behind should be their top concern before turning their attention to hiring a coach.

There Is Buzz Building About 1 NBA Coach Replacing Doc Rivers

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