JJ Redick Lists His Top-5 NBA Playoff Performances So Far

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There is little doubt that this NBA postseason will go down in history.

There are still many talented athletes in the running for the Larry O Brien trophy after some remarkable performances that broke records.

As a result, especially in light of the fact that we have already advanced to the Conference Finals, JJ Redick undertook the difficult chore of ranking his top five postseason performances on First Take.

At No. 5, Redick selected Devin Booker’s 47-point performance against the Denver Nuggets, noting that he had helped his team tie the series with that victory in Game 3 and praising him for being the league’s most moral scorer after going 20 of 25 in that contest.

The following selection by Redick was pretty much an obvious one: Nikola Jokic’s performance in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

The veteran NBA player gushed over Jokic’s reliability and ability to put up those incredible numbers in the wake of his absurd series performance against the Phoenix Suns, noting that he utterly crushed the Los Angeles Lakers his way to a triple-double.

The Warriors dynasty was kept alive for at least a another week or so, according to Redick, who mentioned Stephen Curry’s iconic 50-point effort in Game 5 at No. 3.

The selection committee chose Jayson Tatum’s 51-point outburst in Game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers as No. 2, noting that Tatum emulated Curry by just shattering his opponent’s spirit and will with his shot in the second half.

Finally, Redick picked Game 4’s brilliance by Jimmy Butler against the Milwaukee Bucks.

He commended him for scoring nearly 20 points in the final round to help his team overturn a 14-point deficit.

Redick praised Butler for making every crucial shot en route to a record-breaking 56 points in the game, adding that Butler’s loss might have turned the series back in the Bucks’ favor.

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