Former NBA Coach Has A Clear Opinion About Nikola Jokic

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George Karl knows a thing or two about theDenver Nuggets.

The retired icon coached the Nuggets from 2004 until 2013 and helped them enter a new era and find great success, although they never reached the Finals as he had hoped.

Now Karl is praising the current Nuggets team, including their premiere star, Nikola Jokic.

On FanDuel TV, Karl said, I think Jokic has been underlooked, underappreciated, under-accepted. And now everyone s realizing what a great player he is.

These Finals have definitely been a huge moment for Jokic and his career.

Although he was already a two-time MVP, there were many casual fans who weren t quite familiar with what Jokic can do.

They are very familiar now.

But Karl made sure to touch upon and praise the rest of the Nuggets roster too.

He said they have been quietly becoming one of the best rosters in the league, proving that Denver doesn t succeed or fail based solely on Jokic alone.

After watching these Finals, it is hard to disagree with Karl.

The entire team has been stepping up.

While Jokic has been the glue holding it all together, other athletes such as Jamal Murray, Bruce Brown, Aaron Gordon, and others have been providing help and power from all over the court.

This is a key reason why the Nuggets have gotten so far and are now just one win away from a championship ring.

Karl has always been a fan of the Nuggets.

And like a true fan, he is elated to see what they are accomplishing right now.

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