Analyst Makes Top-5 QB Case For Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts Proved His Worth Last Season

Just last year, NFL fans and analysts discussed whether the Philadelphia Eagles should select a quarterback in the Draft, trade for a star at the position, or go with Jalen Hurts. The former Oklahoma Sooner proved his worth, delivering MVP-level performances throughout the season and taking the team to the Super Bowl.

Sal Paolantonio Disagrees with ESPN’s Rankings

In light of this, Sal Paolantonio is not in agreement with ESPN’s latest quarterback rankings, where Hurts was placed at No. 6. The analyst believes that the Eagle’s QB should be in the top-5, and even make a case for the top-3 after his 16-2 record last season and coming just three points away from beating Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

The Praise for Hurts

Paolantonio praised Hurts for the way he handled the pressure and the adversity he faced, and how he was able to lead his team to the championship game. He also commended the QB for his ability to stay composed in the face of criticism and to take on the challenge of proving his worth.


Jalen Hurts was the most improved player in the NFL last season, and his performance was MVP-worthy. Sal Paolantonio strongly believes that Hurts should be a top-5 QB instead of No. 6 according to ESPN’s rankings, and has praised the QB for his composure and leadership. It is clear that Hurts has earned his place among the best quarterbacks in the league.

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