Deandre Ayton Teases Bounce-Back Season With Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Have Undergone Dramatic Changes

The Phoenix Suns have experienced a remarkable transformation in the last six months, and it’s possible that more changes are yet to come.

Big-Name Acquisitions

Back in February, the Suns made a major move in acquiring veteran superstar Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and a trove of draft picks.

Not long after, they completed another trade to add three-time All-Star Bradley Beal to their roster, sending Chris Paul and more draft picks to the Washington Wizards.

More recently, Phoenix sent Cameron Payne to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for a 2024 second-round pick.

Top-Heavy Roster

These moves have left the Suns with a rather top-heavy roster, leading some to speculate that they may look to trade center Deandre Ayton in order to replenish their depth.

However, Ayton has made it clear that he is determined to remain with the team and help them to succeed.


The Phoenix Suns have undergone a remarkable transformation in the last six months, with a series of trades bringing in big-name players to form a top-heavy roster. While there is speculation that the team could look to trade Deandre Ayton, he has expressed his commitment to the Suns and their success.

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