Thunder Insider Comments On Mark Daigneault Extension

The Oklahoma City Thunder: From Afterthought to Trending Upward

When Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook departed the Oklahoma City Thunder a few years back, the team was left in a state of disarray. It was a situation that the Thunder had little control over, as Durant had already set his sights on joining the Golden State Warriors. Westbrook wasn’t far behind, and the team was left to pick up the pieces.

Dark Days in Oklahoma City

The aftermath of the departures was difficult for the Thunder, who were left with a stockpile of draft picks and a future that seemed uncertain. But the team was determined to turn things around, and they have done just that.

A Bright Future Ahead

The Thunder now have a talented young roster and a great leader in head coach Mark Daigneault. Coach Daigneault may not be a household name yet, but his work is already beginning to pay off, as the team recently rewarded him with a contract extension.


The Oklahoma City Thunder have gone from being an afterthought to a team that is trending in the right direction. With a talented young roster and a great leader in Coach Daigneault, the future looks bright for the Thunder.

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