Analyst Outlines How Commanders Should Start Rebuilding

Washington Commanders Ready to Rebuild

After a long period of ownership under Daniel Snyder, the Washington Commanders are now ready to move forward and start the process of rebuilding. Josh Harris and his ownership group are determined to turn the franchise around in the nation’s capital.

Difficult Time for Changes

The timing of the new ownership is not ideal, as most of the offseason moves have already been made across the league with camps getting underway. This means the Commanders will have to enter training camp with the team as it currently stands, even if some changes need to be done quickly.

Fox Sports Makes a Case

Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports has outlined a plan to help the Commanders get back on track. His proposal includes innovative ideas and creative writing to help make Washington a successful franchise.


The Washington Commanders are now in a position to rebuild with the new ownership group. While the timing of the changes is not ideal, there is still hope that the team can turn things around. McIntyre’s plan provides a blueprint for success, and if followed, the Commanders could become a powerhouse in the league.

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