Ryan Clark Sends Strong Message On Sean Payton Criticizing The Jets

Sean Payton’s Vision for the Denver Broncos After a Disastrous 2022 Season

Sean Payton, the newly appointed head coach of the Denver Broncos, is determined to turn the franchise around after an abysmal 2022 season. From being Super Bowl contenders to a total disaster, Payton believes that the Broncos were more focused on their media image and winning the offseason than on the field performance.

Payton’s Criticism of the Jets

The former New Orleans Saints coach has also accused the New York Jets of following the same path as the Broncos. The Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers this offseason, to which Payton expressed his opinion.

Ryan Clark’s Response to Payton’s Comments

Ryan Clark, former NFL safety, criticized Payton for his comments on the Jets and even went as far as to say that Payton was being immature and petty. This statement was broadcasted on NFL on ESPN.


Sean Payton is determined to turn the Denver Broncos around after their disastrous 2022 season. He believes that the team was more concerned with their media image and winning the offseason than with their field performance. Payton has also expressed his opinion of the New York Jets, which was met with criticism from Ryan Clark. With Payton’s guidance, the Broncos have a chance to turn their fortunes around and reach the success they were once so close to achieving.

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